Chair: Amar Shah - An Optometrist and franchise practice owner, Specialist Hospital Optometrist and LOCSU Optical Lead. The point of contact for any queries as well as the main lead on any commissioning work for the LOC
Interim Vice Chair: Andrew Edwards - An Independent Optometrist and practice owner. Our lead for the Bath and North East Somerset area and queries associated to this patch.
Treasurer: Andrew Pinn - An Independent Optometrist and practice owner. Our financial lead for the LOC and also our Cataract lead for community.
Secretary: Amy Hughes -A Locum Optometrist, Phd Student and Clinical Governance Performance Lead for Primary Eyecare Services. The central point of contact for general enquiries, new members and holder of our mailing list.

Committee Members:

Lynne Fernandes: Independent Optometrist and practice owner. Avon LOC representative for NHS England PLDP (performers list decision panel) South, South West; and referral guidelines lead.
Mark Humphrey-Ali: Independent Dispensing Optician and practice owner. Lead for DO’s and Low vision services.
John Hopcroft: Multiple Optometrist and professional services manager. Lead for MECs.
Meera Patel: Multiple Optometrist and practice Director. Co lead for BaNES
Jenny Odigi: Independent Optometrist and practice owner. Sponsorship lead
Mona Thacker: Locum Optometrist. Community engagement Lead
Peter Turner: Independent Optometrist and practice owner; Specialist Hospital Optometrist. Previous vice chair and Glaucoma lead, now supporting committee where needed.
Gareth Whatley: Lecturer at UWE, Multiple resident Optometrist. Social media lead.